Brain that Changes Itself The, & Changing Your Mind

Dr. Norman Doidge

These two mind opening documentaries introduce us to the most important shift in our view of the brain since we first sketched out its basic anatomy four centuries ago. Read More

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Dr Norman Doidge examines the vast expanse of our brain’s potential in these two fascinating documentaries.

The Brain that Changes Itself
The brain can change its own structure and function through thought and activity. This sentence is the most important shift in our view of the brain since we first sketched out its basic anatomy.

In The Brain That Changes Itself, bestselling author, psychiatrist and researcher Dr Norman Doidge explores the profound implications of the changing brain in a way that will permanently alter the way we look at human possibility and human nature.

Showing the brain as fluid rather than hardwired, Dr Doidge introduces us to both the brilliant scientists championing this frontier science and the astonishing progress of people whose lives have been saved and transformed because of it.

The documentary examines a blind man who sinks a basketball; a woman with half a brain who leads a normal life; learning disorders, strokes and brain traumas that are improved and cured; and chronic pain that is alleviated. The vast expanse of the brain’s possibility is still unrealised.

Changing Your Mind
In Changing Your Mind, the sequel to the eye-opening The Brain That Changes Itself, we explore the latest research that is offering hope to those suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and even schizophrenia.

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    • Includes English subtitles for the hard of hearing
Language: English
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18 Jul 2011 21:13 AEST
Koala Bear
from: Evatt

What a fascinating view of us as learners. If this is how well a damaged brain can repair itself imagine what healthy brains have the potential to achieve.

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