America Revealed

Yul Kwon

Yul Kwon explores the large-scale patterns and rhythms hidden behind American life, finding out what keeps America fed, moving, electric-powered and manufacturing goods. Read More

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America Revealed is a unique look at what makes America tick, what it takes to keeps the biggest food machine in the world going, the delicate balance that keeps our supermarkets stocked with groceries and fast food restaurants supplied with fries. How we keep America moving with its vast and complex transport systems. How we propel ourselves through energy, what maintains the constant supply of fuel and electricity to our homes and businesses and finally how we keep up with the ever changing world, the import and export infrastructure that shapes our manufacturing industry.

From the Corn farmer in Central Valley, California to the live wire cable repairers in New Jersey. Viewers will discover a fascinating new perspective on the hidden patterns and rhythms of American life, by looking through the eyes of individuals who all play a part in keeping America fed, moving, powered and making goods.

The series is presented by technology expert and communications attorney, Yul Kwon, but we probably know him better as the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands 2006. In this series Yul fully embraces his role as presenter and our guide, by jumping out of aeroplanes in Kansas, climbing to the top of wind turbines in the Columbia River Gorge and taking part in a giant tomato fight in Nevada.

America Revealed uses beautiful and breath-taking aerial photography to provide an otherwise unseen view of America and use original data visualizations to demonstrate how our systems work.

Ep 1: Food Machine
How America keeps pace with its insatiable appetite? This is the story of how a revolution in food production turned deserts into orchards, prairies into a bread basket, and created the biggest food machine in the world.

Ep 2: America Dynamo
We take electricity for granted but how is it generated and how does our vast but aging grid get it to every house, office and factory in the nation?

Ep 3: America in Motion
Americans are the most mobile people on earth and their transport systems are the biggest and most complex. From the rural school bus to the busiest airport, we explore the vast infrastructure that keeps Americans on the move.

Ep 4: Made in the America
This is the story of how American manufacturers embraced new ideas and technologies to transform themselves into world-leading producers of everything from sleek new cars to mighty ships and microchips.

Barcode: 9322225099715

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