Exploring China, A Culinary Adventure

Presenters Ken Hom, Ching-He Huang

Revealing China's food, people, culture and soul on a once in a life time adventure. Read More

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  • 6th February 2013
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Ken Hom and Ching-He Huang cook their way across China in a visually rich culinary journey against the backdrop of ancient and modern Asia. Beyond a culinary odyssey, this will be an emotional homecoming, a cultural adventure, and an anthropological and historical road trip.

Ken and Ching will travel over 5,000 miles across this vast sub-continent, taking in both the ancient and the modern. Over four episodes they’ll explore contrasting destinations along China’s most significant trade routes. Beginning in the vibrant capital of Beijing, they explore the city that China has presented to the west and the rural villages outside of Beijing.

After travelling through China’s spicy Sichuan heartland, they’ll explore the influence of minority cultures in Yunnan and the mystical northern city of Kashgar. And finally, in an emotional climax, Ken and Ching return to their ancestral homes to reveal the secrets of a Southern China we rarely see.

Barcode: 9322225190467

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26 Mar 2015 14:32 AEST
from: VIC

Really good thankyou for making this

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26 Mar 2015 14:31 AEST
from: QLD

i had to watch this in class for a global connections we chose Asia and watched this it really helps and lets you explore china but even though you have not been there or if you have been there you ree live your experince again

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