Food Safari, Series 4 (DVD / Digital Download)

Maeve O’Meara

The Food Safari team and host Maeve O’Meara explore the delights of some of the newer cuisines in Australia. Read More

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SBS’s highly acclaimed show Food Safari returns for a fourth series. This time, the Food Safari team and host Maeve O’Meara explore the delights of some of the newer cuisines in Australia. They visit restaurants and homes across the country sampling Peruvian, Cypriot, Filipino, South African, Lao, Polish, Afghan and Danish cuisines, including two creole cuisines that have thrived in Australia’s north – in Broome and Darwin.

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The behind-the-scenes magic that viewers have come to love continues as the basic ingredients of each cuisine are explained along with cooking equipment and techniques, followed by a number of home-cooks and professionals demonstrating key dishes that are an essential part of that cuisine.

Episode 1 - Darwin Food Safari  
Food Safari explores the diverse culinary influences of Australia’s Top End - from Chinese inspired fresh mud crab steamed with Chinese rice wine; barramundi cooked in “bush alfoil” (paperbark) on a perfect beach; a Greek Sunday lunch to a Thai feast.

Episode 2 - Peruvian Food Safari
From the Andes to the ocean, the food of Peru is seen as the best in South America. We explore the many influences that have created some key dishes including roast alpaca, the ground oven feast pacha manca, and some of the world’s best chips and creamy caramel desserts.

Episode 3 - Cypriot Food Safari
From this beautiful island in the Mediterranean come some rustic dishes from both Greek and Turkish backgrounds that are distinct and found only in Cyprus…some of the delicious meats cooked over coals including sheftalia and loukaniko sausages, the Cypriot vine leaves called koupepia, the crunchy on the outside bulgur kofta filled with spiced lamb, right through to a delicious syrup cake that translates as “the good thing” – kalo prama.

Episode 4 - Filipino Food Safari  
Filipino food with its strong emphasis on salty, sweet and sour flavours is an exciting mix of Spanish, Malaysian, Chinese and even American influences that come together in many dishes including the roast pork or lechon; the national dish adobo, many great noodle dishes and the iced dessert of many textures and flavours, halo halo.

Episode 5 - South African Food Safari  
Food Safari explores the many cuisines that are part of South Africa’s culinary landscape - the “rainbow nation” including Xhosa dishes like umnqusho (white corn and beans), flavourful Cape Malay curries, Durban street food and the beloved Afrikaaner Braai.

Episode 6 - Lao Food Safari   
Food Safari explores the many fresh herbs and vegetables used in Lao cuisine…and the special cooking pots and techniques. We savour grilled ox tongue, a fresh papaya salad, delicious beef larb and the next new thing – Lao laksa or khao pun noodle soup.

Episode 7 - Polish Food Safari
Food Safari explores the delicious world of Polish food, finding pine forest mushrooms, baking sensational duck, indulging in a huge variety of smoked sausages, crunching on pickled gherkins, enjoying bigos, pierogi and an unbeatable cheesecake.

Episode 8 - Afghan Food Safari
Food Safari explores the fascinating food of Afghanistan where the guest is always seen as king and beautiful feasts are prepared using age old recipes including the rice based masterpiece Kabuli pulao; the most delicate ashak dumplings filled with a chive like vegetable called gandana; the freshest bread baked on the clay sides of the tanur oven; tender smokey kebabs; a range of tea and a rosewater scented sweet called sheer pira.

Episode 9 - Danish Food Safari
Journey into the world of Danish food - from the land of forests and fairytales, snow and schnapps here’s a cuisine crafted for the cold, some dishes dating back to the days of the Vikings, others like the open sandwich smørrebrød are modern and elegant – and the pastries are divine!

Episode 10 - Broome Food Safari
Food Safari explores the fascinating creole cuisine of Broome - which originated with the pearling industry and includes Aboriginal, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese and Malaysian influences and dishes as varied as chilli mudcrab, satay, pearl meat ceviche and a simple raw fish dish called susame.

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18 Mar 2016 12:27 AEST
from: Artarmon

Re: Hi I would love to know where the restaurant was that made this soup. - Hi Katrina. I believe this segment was filmed at the Holy Basil restaurant in Canley Heights, Sydney.

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14 Mar 2016 19:47 AEST
from: Kanmantoo

Hi I would love to know where the restaurant was that made this soup

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