Borgen, Series 1

Internationally acclaimed Danish political drama from the producers of The Killing. Read More

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  • 580 mins
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  • 7th November 2012
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Borgen is a drama series about the fight for political power – and about the personal sacrifices and consequences this has for those involved on and behind the political stage.

The central figure is the 40-year old political leader Birgitte Nyborg, who through her idealism and huge effort secures her party a landslide victory and thus faces the biggest challenge of her life: how most effectively to use the newly won seats, and how far she is willing to go in order to gain as much influence as possible. Privately, Birgitte leads a happy family life with her husband and two children. She is a woman with a burning commitment, a big heart and little time.

Will she be able to be a successful and professional top politician and stay true to herself at the same time?

Language: Danish
Subtitles: English
Barcode: 5021456185757

Product Reviews (9)

02 Oct 2014 8:43 AEST
Lindy Warrell
from: Aldinga Beach SA

This has to be the best series on TV for years. Gripping, interesting, sensitive and magnificently scripted and acted. The characters are beautifully drawn - all of them but the lead part, Birgitte Nyborg - is brilliant. I will miss it so. As a 71 year old woman raised in chauvinist times, my heart bursts with pride to see women portrayed in this way. Would love to be able to afford to buy the series on DVD.

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26 Aug 2013 11:40 AEST
from: Artarmon

Hi there, we're glad you like this program! This DVD is not an SBS branded DVD so unfortunately we are not sure whether or not digital versions will be available in future. Please also stay tuned to SBS for news regarding any further series of Borgen.

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24 Aug 2013 23:24 AEST
from: Dandenong

When will this be released in digital format? Soon please!

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12 Aug 2013 19:16 AEST
from: Lilyfield

I loved this show so much, really well written and the suspense keeps you on your toes! But when will season 2 be available?

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05 Aug 2013 12:39 AEST
Toni Bell
from: The Gap 4061

This was an excellent TV political drama that was suspenseful as well as being very well acted. I hope that SBS will show part 2 soon.

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18 Jun 2013 22:27 AEST
D Hall
from: Middle Park

It's been a very long time since I have watched something so clever, insightful and addictive. It is such a treat. Hands down the best series on for years.

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13 Jun 2013 20:05 AEST
Angie Otterbeck
from: Cammeray

Birgitte Nyborg for Australia's PM!!!

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10 May 2013 18:45 AEST
Stephan C Vaneyck
from: Wentworthville

This presentation mirrors many of the contemporary political strifes seen even in Australia today (2011-2013) and thus is adding suspense to the viewers about what solutions are weighed to overcome imposed obstacles, how these are considered and tried. Far away from the worn-out sceneries known of the usa, it gives fresh and frank movie entertainement, even the sound of the Danish voices, no wonder it is a best seller

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05 May 2013 15:50 AEST
Go-Eun Kim
from: Glebe

<b> </b>Birgitte Nyborg is the ultimate feminist - Many US based TV shows with strong female characters represent the protagonist as a feminine identity who has either masculine attributes, or, has a pitiful personal life. Brigitte is neither. She has a happy family life (an amazing, sexy, supportive husband) and is not portrayed with neurosis, or with interior motives. She genuinely wants to do good for her country. It is about time that a TV show represented a strong feminine protagonist who can be considered a positive role model.

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