Ancient Egypt: Life and Death in the Valley of the Kings
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What was it like to live in Egypt as an ordinary person 3,500 years ago? Read More

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Egypt captivates us like few other ancient civilisations – Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher goes on a journey to find out what life was actually like for people like us. What she finds are not stories of the Great Pharaohs but of the ordinary people who built and populated this incredible ancient civilisation, creating a remarkable way of life and an extraordinary way of death.

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These details of life and death in ancient Egypt are explored through the histories of Kha and Meryt, an architect and his wife who lived just outside the Valley of the Kings. Full of objects, their extraordinary tomb is a treasure trove of information. Preserved inside it was everything from makeup to death masks, loaves of bread to life-like figurines, even the tools Kha used at work in the royal tombs. Joann Fletcher uses these tomb goods to travel into the remarkable world of these ancient Egyptians, both in life and the afterlife.

Barcode: 9322225193772

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