Letters And Numbers S5 Ep85

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Two contestants pit their linguistic and numerical skills against each other and the clock in this entertaining quiz show. Join host Richard Morecroft along with maths whiz Lily Serna and wordsmith David Astle. (Commissioned by SBS) (Entertainment Series) (Rpt) G CC

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Audience Announcement

SBS has made a decision to rest Letters and Numbers and develop other programs so we can continue to offer new, great content to our audiences. The last episode will be transmitted on June 27.

Following Tour de France, Countdown - the UK version of Letters and Numbers - will air at 5:45pm weekdays.

Lily Serna, one of the shows stars is working on a new show with SBS, Destination Flavour. SBS hopes the appetite for Letters and Numbers will be satisfied with the very popular UK series Countdown.


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