The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place

Amanda Morgan, 22, is a full-time carer for her nan and a descendant of the Wonnarua people. Here she explains why her and her family moved off the Block in Redfern for the interactive documentary The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place.

She was born on the Block and lived there until 2004 with her nan Joyce Ingram, a well-known and respected elder in the community.

She attended what is now known as the Alexandria Park Community School and completed the HSC in 2008.

Her nan Joyce was born in 1922 in Bateman's Bay. She moved to Redfern when she was nine months old and spent her childhood there.

Joyce lived in her last home on the Block, at 78 Eveleigh Street, for 25 years. It was open to anyone in the community from early in the morning until 9:30pm at night because she had the only phone line in the street.

In 2004, the family was forced to move from the Block because the house had become uninhabitable.

Amanda currently lives in Waterloo with her nan, mother and younger sister.