The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place

Edna Craigie, 72, is a retired Indigenous health worker and Murri woman. Here she tells her story of being offered one of the first homes on the Block in Redfern for the interactive documentary The Block: Stories from a Meeting Place.

She grew up on an Aboriginal mission on the outskirts of Moree, NSW. Her parents had 14 children and she was unable to attend high school because she had to work to help her family.

She first came to Redfern when she was 30 years old and was one of the first people to be offered a house on the Block in 1972.

At the time, she was a single mother with two children and was allowed to pick whichever house she liked most.

There were only four houses available on the Block then, and she chose 9 Louis Street, which had been recently renovated.

She later moved into 7 Vine Street, after it too had been renovated.

Her two children, Mary and Wayne, attended the Murawina preschool located on Eveleigh Street in the Block.

Edna moved away from the Block in the late 1970s, but missed her friends so much that she returned every weekend for six months.

Edna now lives in Moree. She has six children, 18 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. She fondly remembers the Block as one of the best places she’s ever lived.