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Japanese Toilet Paper Shortage

Japan's been ravaged by earthquakes, typhoons, floods, tsunamis, and more - so Japan is giving tips on how to prepare for a disaster. Some of their suggestions are... unexpected.
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The Fappening

Hundreds of nude photos of celebrities were recently leaked in one of the largest iCloud breaches yet. So how does this happen? And how can we stop it?
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Transgender Teens

Transitioning gender is a difficult and complex procedure regardless of age. Rachel Thorntons talk to a teenager who is just beginning the process.


Instead of ordering a bunch of pizzas to someone's house, why not call the SWAT team? Marc Fennell looks at swatting.

Ibeacon: Smartphones & Privacy

People take their smartphones everywhere, and keep extraordinary amounts of information on them. So obviously marketers are always coming up with new ways to use that data. Andy Park reports on the new technology iBeacon.
Privacy experts have been warning the public about the slow erosion of privacy for years. Last week Facebook Messanger got a lot of negative publicity for the unprecedented level of permissions it required to run. Today, we're looking at iBeacon....