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NIB and tuck: The controversial medical tourism industry

Thousands of Aussies head overseas each year for some sun, sand and surgery. But not everyone comes home without complications. The Feed's Patrick Abboud looks at the medical tourism business.
Thailand has long been a popular, albeit risky, destination for young Aussies to slip in cosmetic surgery while soaking up the sun at cheap luxury resorts. But now one of Australia's biggest health insurers is offering to cover people for their...
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How Vine is creating a new breed of social media stars

When Twitter launched Vine last year no one was really sure how much of a splash it would make. But with more than 40 million users, the six-second video sharing platform has born some unlikely creativity and a breed of new stars.
In the year since video-sharing app Vine launched it has given us a sometimes disturbing look inside the mind of anyone with a smart phone who's even remotely creative.At first glance Vine can feel like it's full of teenage drama jerks and unfunny...
No debate is more heated in this country than the debate over asylum-seekers. But the issue hasn't always been so contentious. The Feed meets one former refugee who wants to say thanks to the country that welcomed him with open arms.
For the past five weeks, Tri Nguyen, a former Vietnamese refugee, has been walking and towing a boat from Melbourne to Canberra. Along the way, he’s been saying thanks to the people and the country that has given him the gift of refuge.During his...
It's a well known fact that the fashion industry is very competitive and it turns out it's even harder if you're an indigenous model - but there's a growing push to change that. The Feed looks at the changing face of fashion in Australia.
If you flick through a fashion magazine or even a catalogue it is not likely that you will see many indigenous faces on the pages.In fact, there have only ever been two commercially successful indigenous models in Australia. But there is a push...
When most people think of cross stitch they probably think of little old ladies making pin cushions but the cross stitch you are about to see is definitely not that.
Artist Leah Emery has been cross stitching scenes of hard core pornography for years.Her work can sell for thousands of dollars and is collected by a wide range of people. Ms Emery says she got the idea to cross stitch porn after coming across...