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Political Tell All Interviews

John Howard, Paul Keating and Julia Gillard have all sat down for a tell-all interview. But do they end up telling us anything?

Australia's Anti-Terror Laws

Australia had no anti-terrorism laws until 9/11, but since then we've passed 61 pieces of legislation, and George Brandis wants to introduce more. Do we need them?
The internet's alight today with news that Colin Farrell has been cast in the second series of noir crime thriller True Detective. As this post conclusively demonstrates, Lee Lin Chin has been robbed.
  She's never been afraid to tell it like it is. She knows what the future of humanity is - and it is bleak.   Really bleak. And she's too brave to be an optimist, like weak people are.    No more Mister Nice Guy? Please. She knows there's only...

Jasin Boland Interview: The Man Behind The Movie Posters

You don't know his name or his face. But you've surely seen his pictures. For over a decade now Jason Boland has been one of the world's leading film photographers, and more of his stills have graced more movie posters than anyone else's. He talks...

Good News: Tinder For Cuddling

Are you on Tinder, but not getting laid? A new app is launching that can make it seem intentional.
Many reports have been written on the importance of touch to human happiness, and the reality is if you're not dating or in a relationship, and too old to climb in to your parents' laps, you're probably starved for affection....