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Who Cares About The Commonwealth Games?

The 2014 Commonwealth Games kick off in Glasgow in two days. But they've gotten very little attention in the media. So who cares about the Commonwealth Games?
Sydney's public transport is terrible. But is it worse than a developing country's? Dan Ilic travels to Tanzania to find out.

Kirsten Comes Back

Last year a 25 year old Belgian tourist, was brutally sexually assaulted in Kings Cross. The perpetrator was never caught and the victim, too traumatised to stay, on quickly returned home to Belgium. Upon hearing of the news, a Kings Cross...

Douche Of The Week

Who is the Douche Of The Week - multinational corporate Nestle, telco giant Telstra, or former Panama dictator Manuel Noriega?
Yesterday Telstra tweeted that on that day in 1969, they helped broadcast the moon landing. They were off by five days, and in another sense, off by six years - the privatised corporation which would eventually become known as Telstra did not...
In the US for The Feed, Andy Park found out why California’s famous marijuana farmers, facing the end of the prohibition era, remain against legalizing their crop.
When I told The Feed I wanted to go to Humboldt County in Northern California’s infamous Emerald Triangle, they gave me a sleazy knowing grin and made Big Lebowski-style doobie smoking gestures.When I told them it was more of a story about...