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What Happened To Microsoft?

Microsoft used to be the biggest company in software. So... what happened? Jeannette Francis gets the story.

Douche Of The Week

It's been a very big week in douchebaggery, but we managed to narrow it down. Who has your pick for the crown? Let us know below.
Oh, Yeezy. Sometimes we wonder whether you're a douchebag, or actually some kind of performance artist working in the field of doucheing. Either way, we feel like you've outdone yourself this week. Take a bow, Ye....

Nefarious Jobs: Revenge For Hire

Do you go out for revenge? Would you pay someone to do it for you? US company Nefarious Jobs do exactly that, like reputation hitmen. Andy Park gets the story.

Pre-Work Rave Workouts

Rather than rave all night, could you get up and dance instead? Morning Gloryville has started an alcohol and drug free pre-work rave workout.
Actors Nathan Phillips and Jessica de Gouw and director Zak Hilditch talk to Marc Fennell about making their new film These Final Hours, the local film industry, apocalypses, and Snakes On A Plane.