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Marc Fennell talks to Luke Evans and Charles Dance of the upcoming origin story Dracula Untold.

Google Impact Challenge

Google have two million bucks to spend on socially aware entrepreneurship - and they want you to pick who gets it. If you're interested in finding out who's nominated, head here:

Shibari Japanese Rope Bondage

We meet two practitioners of the ancient art of Japanese rope bondage.

The Bad News: Climate Change Now Screwing With Gravity

Sorry guys. No good news today.
In today’s edition of ‘oh god, we’re all going to die, tell my mother I love her’, the melting of the Antarctic ice shelf is messing with that unassailable force, gravity. The two polar ice caps have shrinking for decades, but so far studies have...
After messing with the way you watch TV, Netflix want to mess with how movies are released too.
Turn and face the change, cinema industry. A sequel to Ang Lee’s martial arts epic ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’, called The Green Legend has been commissioned by Netflix. In an unprecedented release strategy, it will open at IMAX cinemas on t...