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It was a season which exploded with clichés. After being favourites to play in the Championship next season, the fairytale of instead winning the Premier League in 2015/16 will be forever remembered. But the big question now is: Can they do it again?


How they fared last season

They defied the odds and the critics. Leicester’s lightning quick breaks confounded even the richest sides. Every time you though they’d start to fall apart, they came back stronger. The intense Christmas run of games normally breaks most pretenders – but Leicester survived. In the new year, when others normally fall away with rising injuries, Leicester stayed strong... and capitalised on the Euro fixture crush of their rivals to snatch the title with 10 points to spare.

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Team Strengths

They won’t be lacking in confidence.

They won the title last season on a shoestring, and if they can do it once, they’ll surely believe they can do it again.

With Vardy sticking around, if they can retain the rest of the key players from the squad – enhanced with some sharp buys from their newfound riches as Premier League champions – they will have plenty of self-belief to take on the big guns again.



Even despite last season’s success, they will still go into this campaign as minnows.

There have been some radical changes at Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City... and none of those new managers will want to be embarrassed by upstarts from the Midlands.

Leicester’s European challenges will add a whole new dimension to their season and test their depth to breaking point.

Their endurance was breathtaking last season - without a much bigger squad though, three matches a week, week in, week out, could be what finally breaks them.



Claudio Ranieri was acknowledged for taking the classic formation which worked with Vardy and Okazaki or Ulloa up front.


Star Player

Jamie Vardy has gone from unknown just two years ago to being a modern marvel with his amazing haul of 24 goals in 36 games.

The transformation saw the 29-year-old break into England’s squad with 11 caps and four goals and a spot at Euro 2016.

But like Kevin Phillips at the turn of the century, backing up his success from one season to the next may be the real test.

Clubs will be wise to his pace and Leicester’s quick breaks – and you can guarantee they will treat the club and Vardy with a lot more respect – and marking – this time round.


Claudio Ranieri


Claudio Ranieri deserved all the accolades and praise showered on him last season.

From the sacked Tinkerman of Chelsea through to the flop at Greece, losing even to the Faroe Islands, his move to Leicester seemed to almost confirm their relegation.

Instead he took the side back to basics, gave them self belief and played to their strengths with simple but devastatingly effective tactics.

His redemption was one of the most emotional stories in sport.

He won't want it to end there though...