The New Boys

With the fall of Newcastle United, Norwich City and Aston Villa to the Championship, the focus then switched to those who will replace them in the top flight this season.

First past the promotion post were Burnley, returning after a year’s exile from the top flight. Winning the league comfortably, they were then joined by Middlesbrough who survived a last-day scare from Brighton and Hove Albion to secure their own Premier League status.

Finally, Hull City confirmed their place in the Premier League once more, also after a year in Championship exile. They had to to do it the hard way though via the playoffs and victory over Sheffield Wednesday.

Despite their early promotion win, Burnley have been quiet in the transfer market, only acquiring Jimmy Dunne from Manchester United so far.

However they were quick to shed nine out of contract players while Steven Hewitt joined Accrington Stanley on a free transfer. At their core though remains their former Premier League squad (albeit the one that got relegated, of course...)