Asylum Seekers

In the last twenty years, sixty thousand 'boat people' have arrived in Australia. How we deal with them when they get here continues to polarise public opinion.
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Time running out for asylum seekers who sheltered Edward Snowden

24 March 2017

Aussie surf club wants to give kids on Manus Island free pro-surfing lessons

17 March 2017

Quid pro quo ... refugee deal looking like a swap

16 March 2017 Podcast

ஆஸ்திரேலியாவிலிருந்து 25 இலங்கை புகலிடக்கோரிக்கையாளர்கள் நாடு கடத்தப்பட்டனர்!

16 March 2017

Three plead guilty in asylum seeker passport scam

16 March 2017

A new play is shining a light on Indonesia's locked up boys

15 March 2017

Hungary ordered to pay asylum seekers

15 March 2017

Australia this Morning: Close offshore dention it is torture, Amnesty

15 March 2017

A physical attack and a Dengue-fever outbreak cause fear among Nauru detainees

15 March 2017

Dengue fever sufferer describes conditions amid Nauru outbreak

14 March 2017 Podcast

Hungary toughens laws on asylum seekers again

08 March 2017

Manus Island health provider 'operating illegally for three years': report

03 March 2017

4 படகுகளில் புகலிடக்கோரிக்கையாளர்கள் வந்ததாக வெளியான செய்தி தொடர்பில் குடிவரவு அமைச்சர் விளக்கம்!

03 March 2017

Immigration Department blocked from returning sick asylum seeker to Manus Island

02 March 2017

Andreas Schloenhardt: "Australia´s refugee policy should not be considered as a model"

02 March 2017 Podcast

Living With The Enemy S1 Ep2

01 March 2017

'Anybody could be a refugee': Ai Weiwei films global migrant crisis

23 February 2017

Amnesty report says asylum policy inhumane and abusive

22 February 2017

Quid pro quo ... refugee deal looking like a swap

22 February 2017

Chinese whistleblower granted political asylum

21 February 2017
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