Asylum Seekers

In the last twenty years, sixty thousand 'boat people' have arrived in Australia. How we deal with them when they get here continues to polarise public opinion.
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Calls for Inquest Into Manus Refugee’s Death(ຮຽກໃຫ້ມີການສຶບສວນໃຫຍ່ເບີ່ງການຕາຍຂອງອົພຍົບທີ່ ເມນາດສ໌)

18 August 2017 Podcast

So you want to move to Australia? Here's a how-to guide

17 August 2017

Government loses appeal to take phones from asylum seekers

17 August 2017

October deadline for asylum seekers causing depression

17 August 2017 Podcast

VR film takes you inside the devastating reality of life on Manus Island

16 August 2017

After 13 years, this Nigerian LGBT+ activist has been granted asylum in the UK

15 August 2017

Detention secrecy laws to be relaxed

15 August 2017

Advocates expect more whistle-blowers as Dutton moves to relax detention centre laws

14 August 2017

14-year-old Pakistani boxer's fight to represent Australia

13 August 2017

Calls for Australian inquest into refugee's death on Manus Island

11 August 2017 Podcast

One third of visa cancellations overturned on appeal

11 August 2017

Calls for Australian inquest into refugee's death on Manus island

10 August 2017 Podcast

Hamed Shamshiripour's family call for inquest into his death on Manus Island

09 August 2017

Manus death not suicide, say fellow detainees

09 August 2017

'Was Donald Trump right?': Turnbull questioned over death on Manus Island

08 August 2017

Police investigating as refugee found dead on Manus Island

08 August 2017 Podcast

Asylum-seeker found dead on Manus Island

08 August 2017

Iranian asylum seeker dies on Manus Island

07 August 2017

15 Lankans illegally residing in Australia deported.

04 August 2017

What to do if your partner is abusive, but you rely on them to stay in Australia

04 August 2017
As the debate rages, where do you stand?

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