Explore what obesity really looks like

Determine the personal and scientific realities of Australia's obesity epidemic with SBS's new three-part weekly documentary series: 'The Obesity Myth', debuting on Monday 4 September on SBS at 7.30pm. #TheObesityMyth

'The Obesity Myth' shines a new light on an epidemic.
What is 'overfat' and how do you know if you are?
As a nation, Australia is growing – in trouser size, dress size and t-shirt size. And worryingly it’s starting at a young age.
A new Australian-led study has shown that a person who becomes obese because they ‘overeat’ may actually have a clinical addiction to food that is high in fat and...
US researchers will do a clinical trial on faecal matter pills as a means to reset an obese person's microbiome