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Shoes off or on inside the house? Issues like this can make or break an inter-cultural relationship. Under Asian influence, Ian Rose goes footloose.
When a fear of illness actually makes you sick with anxiety: how do deal with hypochondria.
Emotionally-driven eating: it's one of the great sources of parental shame.
Anti-Semitic violence is on the decline worldwide, but online attacks against Jews may be worse than ever, two new reports say.
Did all the racism and sexism turn my sweet boy into a bigot? Let’s find out. Together.
Turns out, the men's fairness market has been alive all along, promising greater employment and marriage prospects and endorsed by Bollywood actors.

Testing Teachers

Exploring the rewarding highs and challenging lows involved with educating Australia's youngest minds. Watch the new three-part Testing Teachers documentary series on Wednesdays at 8.30pm on SBS from 19 April

As gifted students continue to disengage from our education system, parents are fighting an uphill battle just to have their children’s needs met.
When students with behavioural problems are turned away from mainstream schools, The Cheshire School in Melbourne welcomes them with open arms.
A cyber schoolyard and masterclasses with human rights lawyers and astrophysicists are all part of everyday life at virtual school Aurora College.
Selective secondary schools are supposed to cater for gifted and talented students across all sections of society, but increasingly they are the preserve of...
Your postcode can reveal a lot about you – not just where you live or what football team you support. As Nicola Heath explains, your postcode is one of the most...
Some children in the USA are being bullied because of their faith, according to a new study about the impact of the Trump presidency on the country's classrooms.
“I always feel good with the children. Their parents love me and the other teachers and principals I have had were wonderful.”
The Young Pope

Get hooked on the critically acclaimed series created and directed by Paolo Sorrentino. Starring Jude Law and Diane Keaton, binge the complete season now at SBS On Demand.

Stairway to Spirituality

We celebrate and explore a multiplicity of spiritual beliefs from around the world. 

New data suggests religious Americans with college experience tend to participate in services more often than their peers.
With so much happening around us, how do we even start to comprehend the enormity of ‘tragic circumstances’ across the world? Anglican minister, Dr Michael Jensen, explains what he sees as the fli...
Faith in contraception could spell the end of atheism, according to a new study.
Amal Awad never imagined she would bring home a non-Muslim-but-soon-to-convert-Anglo guy to her parents. She further never envisaged the eventual acceptance of this union. But like gluten-free diets, ...

Food of the faithful: Keeping Kosher

What is Kosher and how does one actually keep it?


Meet our columnists. They've got strong views on all things. Their words may (or may not) change the world.

Did all the racism and sexism turn my sweet boy into a bigot? Let’s find out. Together.
Looking for a good book to read this public holiday? Here are five acclaimed stories of war, exile, migration and hope told by authors here and abroad.
Why are Australians today so deeply attached to commemorating our First World War efforts and the cluster of beliefs we call the ‘ANZAC legend’?
Dear Nation of Landlords, writes Helen Razer: "If you don’t want a Nation of Tenants at your doorstep demanding better conditions—and remember, these guys are...
"I want to take real pride. I want to feel a sense of belonging with others, but I don’t feel that this can be meaningfully achieved by turning the reality of a...

Health check

Breaking down the latest medical news, global health issues, research and analyses.

Being tired, it seems, makes food smell better, as your sleepy-but-superpowered nose is more likely to lead you in search of food.
Last week an Italian court ruled that intensive cellphone use did indeed cause a man's tumour - but is there any sound science behind that decision?
The age-old airborne bacterial illness infects 10.4 million people and kills 1.8 million people a year, so why do we continue to downplay its existence?
In Finland, cardboard box beds are believed to reduce the infant mortality rate, but doctors elsewhere are showing a limited enthusiasm for the baby sleep solution.
Yes, it cuts your chance of coming down with influenza, but there are a number of other things to consider before getting the jab.
Is it dangerous to wake up a sleepwalker?
“We’ve had patients tell us they take 400 to 500 tablets day …They put it in a blender and make a smoothie and drink it over one or two hours.”


Let's talk about sex, love, dating, marriage, coupledom.

Conventional wisdom goes that couples must have common interests to be happy. But what if the conventional wisdom is wrong?
Divorce is devastating for everyone involved, but lessening that pain may be possible if we avoid the most common pitfalls along the way.
A new study says who we date is largely based on our own desirability and where we live.

What comes after Tinder?

What to do when Tinder fails and swiping left or right just doesn't cut it anymore?
Sex itself isn’t what boosts our spirits - it’s about the snuggles we share before, during, and after that keeps us buzzing.


Parenting for modern families: new rules for a new age.

She's the 'typical Australian' according to the national Census but among her culturally diverse group of friends, Caitlin Wright and her kids are very much the minority.
A touching new short video and social media campaign has been launched by a children's advocacy group to help break the stigma that kids in out-of-home care face...
Babies show a preference for their own race and bias against people who are not their race from as young as 6 months, but parents can help to reverse this.
The challenges of new motherhood are well documented, but Kelly Eng hadn't counted on malnutrition being among them until her own bun was out of the oven.
Many think it's bizarre, but some experts believe shared nursing helps not only babies but lactating women, especially those in the throes of maternal grief.


Here's how you can nourish the mind, body and soul. No empty calories here.

Feeling guilty for that TV marathon you indulged in over the weekend? Don't - science says there are cognitive benefits to some screen pleasures.
Taking a hot bath can burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk, but is calorie-counting all it's cracked up to be?
What happens when our quest for "clean eating" and desire for "perfect health" trumps everything else, perhaps without us even realising it?
Sobbing to a good old tearjerker song produces a measureable sense of pleasure in the listener.
A study pertinent to fans of puppies and babies.

Good vibes

Relish in our inspiring, motivational and celebratory news with a feel-good SBS story. 

For a lot of women, the early weeks of pregnancy are hardly reminiscent of world-class sporting prowess. But some of the changes which occur during this time could...
"Most of the people who go to the beach don't necessarily fit into that bronzed Aussie stereotype. It's very multicultural these days."
“Human trafficking is a man-made issue. It’s not a disease that you get that we don’t have a cure for. It can be stopped.” Stephanie Lorenzo.
To all the women who keep charging forward, who never give up despite all that is thrown at them. You are the women who have shaped me.
Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen wasn’t always a vegan or a feminist or proud of her Vietnamese heritage. In this letter to her younger self, she braces her teenage self...


Stories that wrestle with matters of identity and culture, and challenge racial preconceptions.

How much do we actually know about the concept and history of this sociological term, which is rapidly gaining popularity?
Do we really believe that all racists care about women’s rights?
Throughout history, heroic icons such as cowboys, goldminers and valiant ANZAC troops have all been depicted as white, but our origin stories are far more diverse, writes Neha Kale.
“But how do you challenge systems of discrimination, oppression and exploitation? The same as you would when facing a racist individual: you call it out."
"The Internet has made racism more accessible, for both the racists and the victims of this hatred."
It's Harmony Day, so we're sharing stories from these stars about facing racism and how they've dealt with it.
Identity politics is coming under fire from conservatives who say it is promotes false grievances, and progressives who call it a distraction from class issues. Omar Sakr explains why he thinks those ...


Stories bringing Indigenous into Australia’s identity. Celebrating inspiring groups and individuals. #WalkWithUs

For 50,000 years, Australias First Peoples have traveled long distances using star maps in the night sky.   
How much do we actually know about the concept and history of this sociological term, which is rapidly gaining popularity?

Indigenous Conversations

Walk with us on SBS sheds the lights on Aboriginal culture.

Indigenous life depicted on Greek-Australian artist's paintings
A repatriation ceremony has been held at the Australian Embassy in Berlin to respectfully acknowledge the unconditional return of three Indigenous ancestral remains.

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