Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras 2017

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Mardi Gras season is finally here and there are so many ways to tune in and celebrate!
“We gather too often for inequality. This is an opportunity to focus on the celebration of their lives and achievements.”
"It’s a closer step towards people acknowledged as people, and not their cultural-assigned birth labels. It’s a chance to push the envelope and emphasise the...
Will 'Nanette' be Hannah Gadsby's last stand-up tour?!
Panti's advice for marriage equality campaigners in Australia? “All you can do is keep pushing."
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The Caldwell Presbyterian Church is known as an LGBT+ friendly, all inclusive place of worship.
"These events have the ability to connect people with a like-minded community that could potentially save our lives. They help embolden the queer community to be...
Research shows that elderly LGBT+ people are more likely to experience discrimination, loneliness and isolation in old age than their heterosexual peers.
Suumo hopes to make the rental market more accessible for the queer community.
Politician and activist Diane Rodriguez is also expected to be the country’s first transgender woman elected to the national assembly.

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All the can't miss queer movies, TV shows and docos we've got coming up in the next fortnight.
The singer shared a picture of himself and his rumoured boyfriend for a Qantas campaign.
In New Orleans during Mardi Gras, one cake reigns supreme - king cake.
Cate Blanchett lip-synced to "You Don't Own Me" at an event promoting gun control, with all proceeds from the event going toward victims of gun violence.
Will 'Nanette' be Hannah Gadsby's last stand-up tour?!

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