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In the midst of the current same-sex marriage debate, we asked 23 LGBTQIA+ people to divulge their personal self-care methods to get through the tough times.
After this week’s historic ‘Yes’ result in the same-sex marriage postal survey, Michaela Morgan spoke to some of Australia’s LGBTQI+ senior citizens about what...
The votes have been counted and the 'Yes' campaign has managed to swing a victory - and the LGBTQIA+ community is reacting with joy online.
The proposed exemption for civil marriage celebrants undermines the aims and nature of Australia’s flourishing civil celebrant program.
Since Wednesday's announcement of the same-sex marriage postal survey result, there's been much celebration - and proposals a-plenty.

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LGBTQ+ celebrities have been celebrating and congratulating Australia on this morning's 'Yes' result in the same-sex marriage postal survey.
“They said there’s a reason so many gay, queer, gender-fluid people in Hollywood conceal their sexual identity, or their gender identity in their public image.”
"Television is a critical home for LGBTQ stories and representation matters more than ever."
The distinctive visual style of Robert Mapplethorpe’s beautiful, oversized images seems now more classical than shocking. But he can still reveal the subconscious...
“I just want to be honest as possible and answer from the bottom of my heart."

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