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In the midst of the current same-sex marriage debate, we asked 23 LGBTQIA+ people to divulge their personal self-care methods to get through the tough times.
The UK wants the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights to be more trans inclusive. 

The country's education minister says students should only be taught about "traditional families".
Jenna Hill-Wood and her wife were searching for a baby record book for "two mummies" while they were expecting, and couldn't find one. So, they made their own.
“The homosexual activists are never satisfied. They always want more, more, more."

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“I feel just as much woman as I am man.”
The mural was commissioned after the LGBTQ+ icon's death last year, and hasn't been vandalised in the 10 months since. But last week, it was defaced with...
“It’s the music industry’s way of saying, we’re supporting you guys".
"This is one we'll be telling our grandkids about."
Etta Ng, 18, announced on Instagram that she's gay, and in a committed relationship with a woman.

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