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 "In terms of the immediate needs for our community, it is to be able to start to get together on a national bases".- Amala Groom.
"Voyages Ayers Rock Resort develops careers for their staff to become future leaders for the resort and the wider tourism industry." -CEO of Voyages Ayers Rock...
 Ali says that she's "Hoping to produce that line, that sticks in people's mind and make them think a little bit more"
"There's ancient customs that have been developed over thousands of generations which give us the understanding of where we are and who we are as a people." - ...
Spirit Walker, Clinton Pryor is man with a serious cause. He's on his journey to "find a truth and find a way" as he continues his walk from Perth to Canberra to...
The Stolen Generations

What is the price of unfinished business?