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“I have it in my head, country all changed now, by the flood that was going on, but we still have them in our head from way back, flood can’t wash away those stories...
“It’s amazing, phenomenal to see so many women of colour just own their space, inhabit their vessel with confidence and power.”- Emerging Poet Brown-Suga-Babe.
"Culture is the tree and language is the roots of the tree," says Mandy Nicholson. "If you chop the roots off then culture dies." She is one of many helping...
Taungurung Traditional Owner Mick Harding made history this month by becoming the first Aboriginal person ever to address the Victorian Cabinet. Speaking to NITV...
Recently Supply Nation launched an app that allows Indigenous businesses to better compete in the economy by tapping in a vast pool of experts and volunteers.
The Stolen Generations

What is the price of unfinished business?