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Latest in Albanian radio

Latest in Albanian Radio

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World-renowned tenor Saimir Pirgu will perform in "Sydney Opera House" from January 20 to February 12

Ethnic Saving

A new study has found religious beliefs and ethnic backgrounds can have significant influence on whether or not people decide to save their money. The study...

iPhone Decade

Ten years ago (jan 9) technology giant Apple first launched what has been described as its most revolutionary product -- the iPhone. The gadget went on to...

Cervical Cancer

From this year, the screening process for cervical cancer will change. Under the new guidelines, women under the age of 25 will no longer be advised to have pap...

Serbian train sparks escalation in tensions with Kosovo

Analistet politik dhe njohes te situates ne Ballkan thone se provokimet e fundit te Serbise ne Kosove dhe me gjere ne Ballkan (Mal te Zi e Bosnje e Hercegovine)...
My Grandmother's Lingo

A unique voice-activated interactive tells the story of one woman’s fight to save her endangered Indigenous language.