Energy ministers have endorsed further work on a Turnbull government plan to bring down power prices, keep the lights on and cut emissions.
China has urged Australia to refrain from making "irresponsible remarks", after Australia issued a foreign policy paper citing security risks in the disputed South China Sea caused by China's activities. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesman says...

Take a walk on Struggle Street!

While Australia's collective wealth is at an all time high, almost 3 million Australians currently live below the poverty line. SBS explores whether Australia is still a land of luck for all in the second season of the popular program Struggle Street
Famous landmarks made of gingerbread, the amazing Nutcrackers and the jolly man in red mark the launch of Christmas Festival this weekend
Western Sydney Community Center provides many services to the different communities in Sydney, including, aged care, play groups for kids and 'WSCC Women's Group' 'WSCC Women's Group'
On the White Ribbon Day, Interview with Sahar Agha who is a victim of Domestic Violence.