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Latest in Assyrian radio

Latest in Assyrian Radio

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By orders from Mr Masoud Barazani, the illegal house that was built in the village of JELE was demolished. This order triggered the neighboring Kurdish village to...
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Rent to Buy: Is it right for you?

What is rent to buy? How much will you be paying at the end? do you own the product?All these questions will be answered by Oliver Sliwa from Legal aid NSW.
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How Safe is My Census Data?

Australias census has a history of keeping personal information secure and private.However, this year the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) will make it...
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Assyrian Martyrs Day in Melbourne

As a symbol of unity, Assyrian organisations in Victoria have got together to commemorate Assyrian Martyrs Day which will take place on Sunday 7 August. Committee...
George Abraham: The Director of the Assyrian Diqlat School thinks we need to teach our students how to speak Assyrian in order to maintain our culture and...
Census 2016 – Get Online on August 9

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Face to Face with Wilson Younan
Has the Assyrian Church of the East officially opened a dialogue with Israel? ...
In this part of Suitcase Full of Stories film, Ninos Emmanuel meets The President of the Assyrian Association of Krasnodar Mr Oleg Georgizov. He is a prominent...
Mrs Carmen Lazar Center Manager of the Assyrian Resource Center and advocate on behalf of the NSW Assyrian Chaldean Syriac community, was one of the speakers in...
ܩܘܼܒܬܵܐ ܕܡܘܼܢܵܟ݂ܵܐ: ܡܲܫܟܚܘܿܢ ܐܲܝܟܵܐ ܝܠܹܗ ܫܵܘܦܵܐ ܕܐܘܿܣܬܪܵܠܝܼܵܐ ܬܹܒܹܝܠܵܐܝܼܬ # Paris 2015
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