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Holly Karapetkova - A Poet of Two Countries
Holly Karapetkovas poetry, prose, and translations from the Bulgarian have appeared in a number of journals and anthologies, including 32 Poems, New Madrid, Mid-American Review, River Styx, 150 Contemporary Sonnets, and the International Poetry...
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Your bank savings turn in someone elses pockets
President Rumen Radev published the written account of consultations held at the Presidential institution on July 14, 2014. The consultations focused on the financial situation in the country amid developments around the Corporate Commercial Bank...
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With longer life expectancy its not unusual to get into a new career later on in life
Whether youre looking for work, want to start your own business or fulfil a long-term passion - starting a new career later in life can be challenging. We meet a woman who became a yoga teacher in her 60s, career coaches and an older worker recru...
Meat consumption is causing the biggest treat on human health and the environment - Prof. Dora Marinova, Director Curtin University Sustainability Policy Institute talks about the issue in conjunction with her award winning book "Impact of meat...

In the heart of the detail

What connect architecture, graphic design and hips of awards - interview with the award winning architect Vladimir Ivanov from Sydney company C+I Parttnership
The latest scientific and archeological discoveries and sport achievements of the first half of 2017 - reports Maria Staykova, neuroimmunologist from Australian National University in Canberra.
What is behind the neighbourhood agreement between Bulgaria and Macedonia - comments political analyst Plamen Assenov  

Does beer brings people together?

Every first Friday of August people around the world in 50 countries in 6 continents celebrate International beer day. The tradition is having its 10th anniversary this year. What Bulgarian beer lovers think about the ways beer is uniting people -...
Is it difficult to learn how to master the Bulgarian folklore acapella singing - the UNSW presents a course with the best teachers ever - the ex Mystery of the Bulgarian voices Silvia Encheva and Mara Kiek (Martenitza choir) - Interview with...

Joining the generations

For one cohesive and united Bulgarian community in Adelaide with a look at the past and look at the future - an interview with Ivan Nenov, chaiman of the Bulgarian Cultural and Educational Society.

Media and politics

Bulgaria has fallen into the 109 place regarding the freedom of speech from the 35th place few couple of years ago - Plamen Assenov comments.

Cultural and art surprises

The art news from the first half of 2017 presented by Maria Staykova, neuroimmunologist from Australian National University, Canberra

Zhiva voda for everyone

Acapella singing of duo 'Zhiva voda' gives everyone the not thirsty once listen to their songs. Interview with Reni Bojilov from duo "Zhiva voda", Brisbane
How important is IT coding for the Australian school kids - opinion of the Bulgarian kids from Sydney
The Bulgarian population incomes are constantly raising, but people in the country don't have the feeling they are living a better life - comment political analyst Plamen Assenov