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Shocking video of Hong Kong police pepper-spraying elderly protester in face
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In the year 689, the first Empress of China is building a giant Buddha statue. When people connected to its construction start mysteriously bursting into flames,...
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First home buyers cut back on spending to get a home, and are getting older, flipping the notion of buying and then starting a family on its head.
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Yesterday was China's National Day while the number of people who support "Occupy Hong Kong" have also increased. Selina Kong has interviewed with the convener...
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The Ebola outbreak gripping parts of west Africa has had its first case confirmed outside the continent. Officials say a man who travelled from Liberia to the...
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Thousands of protesters have swarmed the officer of Hong Kong's chief executive, calling for him to quit, as the world urged China to show restraint.
The ABC has confirmed officials from the Chinese Embassy met with them in an attempt to prevent a program into their Uighur population from screening.
The powers of the domestic spy agency will be substantially ramped up after legislation cleared parliament.
The number of protesters in Hong Kong is believed to increase with the National Day holiday today. Other than Admiralty, Mong Kok and Causeway Bay, there are...
George Savvides says the health insurer will take a tougher approach to negotiations with private hospitals and plans to use its market power and threaten to take...
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