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Gardening - Asparagus season

Mr. Solomon Tsoi, Horticulturist, teaches you how to grow asparagus.
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One in three of all the young men in China will eventually be killed by tobacco.
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Humans typically come in two sexes - male and female.But when it comes to gender, differences aren't clearly defined and have never been.In the next 40 years, can...
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Global Fianance: Aging and Economy

Ivan interview financial planner Kam Yuen, to give us a full analysis on what impacts does aging population bring to a nation's economy?
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Jennifer Lok is going to tell us her experience of encountering Uluru for the first time, in an interview with Ivan Leung.
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China HK Express

In today's China Hong Kong Express, we will report staff members and students at Hong Kong's most prestigious university say its academic freedom is under attack as...
The allegations, which surfaced after he ended his term in 2012, relate to a bargain rental deal for a luxury flat and disclosure of personal interests.He has...
Although Hong Kong recorded a 16. 2 percent year-on-year increase in the number of Chinese mainland visitors on Oct. 1, retailers took a pessimistic view towards...

TPP has finally been agreed

Trade ministers from 12 countries, including Australia, have agreed to create one of the world's biggest free-trade zones. The ministers have heralded the Trans...

10am News Bulletin 6.10.2015

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