Global markets Pounding Forward Relentlessly
Fish maw is the dried swim bladders of large fish like croaker and sturgeon. It has often been used in some of the most expensive Chinese delicacies. Mrs. Lee and Winmas are going to teach us how to choose and store fish maw at home.

Law and You: Cycling Rules in NSW

In this episode of Law and You, Clifford To explains with Winmas Yu the regulations surrounding cycling in NSW, including whether they have to adhere all road rules as other road users do, and what drivers have to be aware of when driving pass...
Multiculturalism conference aims for social cohesion amid far-right rise.
HK Express - Government subsidized housing attract vast interests.
Rosanna Ng is a titled pelvic floor physiotherapist treating patients with stress incontinence; urgency and frequency problem as well as tight and painful pelvic floor muscles or poor defaecation technique. Today Rosanna explains how we can locate...

10 News Bulletin 22.11.2017

Detailed morning news bulletin
A new survey has revealed job exploitation of international students and backpackers in Australia is "endemic and severe". The report has found one in three international students and backpackers are paid about half the legal minimum wage.
In today's talkback, we have invited Mr. Louie Leung, Waste and Resource Recovery Communtiy Educator, Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) Inc. , to talk about how should we recycle after our Christmas parties.

10am News Bulletin 21.11.2017

Morning News Bulletin
Previously on Technology World, KK Fung mentioned that the US FBI have been unable to access nearly 7,000 mobile devices due to new encryption methods. In this episode, KK and Winmas Yu continue discuss the topic on encryption, and whether we have...
Legal group calls for stop getting kids coming in to the criminal justice system and detention, Ida Cheung reports.
TVB plays a very significant part in the lives of most Hong Kong people. However their productions are subjected to many criticisms recently, Chan Siu Kam reports.
The Queensland Election will be held on the coming Sunday. But as Winmas Yu explains in this episode of News Encyclopedia, there are a number of factors affecting the election result, including the new preferential voting system as well as the...