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Latest in Croatian radio

Latest in Croatian Radio

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As the migrant crisis continues to unfold across the world many people are living in refugee camps for years on end. Neale Sutton is a former soldier and humanitarian...
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Australia's superannuation system will experience one of its biggest changes in the new financial year.  
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The Queensland government has abolished the so-called gay panic defence that has allowed the killing of homosexual men to be treated as manslaughter, not murder. 
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A new business is tapping into the lucrative dairy market by selling the world's first raw, cold-pressed milk. But does it live up to the hype? 
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Settlement Guide

Facts and news about life in Australia for migrants.

Almost 40 per cent of racial attacks occur in public spaces, yet almost half of us are too unsure – or unwilling – to intervene. Dilvin Yasa explains how to react and...
In Australia consumers have rights under the law called consumer guarantees - and they could save you money. However, people who've recently settled in Australia...
Being able to drive in a car is a necessity for many new arrivals to Australia. Yet, knowing if you need an Australian drivers licence and how to get one can...
The National Disability Insurance Scheme gives people with disability choice and control over the support they need for a fulfilling life.