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Latest in Czech radio

Latest in Czech Radio

What is the pre election opinion of four Czechoslovak ladies? Do they trust Australian politicians? Let's find out.

How does Brexit affect Czechs

Is Czexit a thing to happen? How will Brexit affect Czechia?Ivan Hoffman talks about Czech perspective on British referendum.
All film lovers in Czech are about to relocate to Karlovy Vary. The 51st International Film Festival here has just started. 
As the long, cold winter federal-election campaign draws to a close, the latest opinion polls indicate the Coalition is most likely to win the election....
The Australian mining firm Macmahon says seven of its employees kidnapped and held hostage in Nigeria have been released.  The group, including three Australians,...
SBS National Languages Competition

20 June - 29 July 2016

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The best of our on-air interviews

This couple travels in front wheel drive Skoda Octavia estate around the world. They are equipped with Czech made tools and hand sewn pants.
Working holiday visa should be negotiated even between Australia and Czechia, says deputy minister Martin Smolek. The negotiation aims to open this popular option...
Pavol Rydl is a Slovak who came to Australia following a woman. He organizes 2016 Australian Open Handball Club Championships in Geelong, Victoria.
This couple is 'tripping' around the world. They drive a front wheel drive Skoda estate. In this first part of our interview they share their Australian episode...
Rehana Jezkova has won a prestigious award Tradesman od the year in Czechia.
Hlasujte v 26. battlu prázdninových songů!
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