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Praha objektivem tajné policie

22 Sep 2014 01:09

Vernisáž v Sydney 2.9.2014 v 18h zahájil ceský velvyslanec v Austrálii Martin Pohl. Historik Adam Hradilek z Institutu pro studium totalitních režimu pak mel pulhodinovou prezentaci s možností diskuse.

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Srpen 1968 v Liberci

21 Aug 2014 05:30

Invasion of Soviet troops to Czechoslovak in the North Bohemian city of Liberec. Liberec was one of the most affected cities in Czechoslovakia. People were protesting and trying to confuse Russian soldiers by removing traffic signs or changing their direction.

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Petr Prasil Event

21 Aug 2014 00:17

9. 8. 2014 se v Sokole Sydney konala benefiční akce na podporu Petra Prášila, který utrpěl vážný úraz a zůstal momentálně připoutaný na vozík. Sokol, Jan Bartoš a množství dobrovolníků zorganizovalo sportovní den s večeří a zábavou, z které výdělek šel kompletně Petrovi. Celkově se na akci vydělalo $6670.

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Christmas in July in Sokol Sydney

31 Jul 2014 00:44

Christmas party in mid-summer in Australia seems a little bit weird for many Europeans. Therefore they celebrate Christmas in July. So does Czechoslovak club SOKOL Sydney.

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03 Mar 2013 22:23

The famous Czech rock band, Olympic, held a live concert in Sydney during their Australian, tour marking 50 years of the band. The band is as popular as when they started in '60s, often compared to the famous Rolling Stones (by the way they played together during Rolling Stones concert in Prague). The band’s front man, Petr Janda, is one of the pioneers of rock music in former Czechoslovakia.

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Eurofest 2012

17 Sep 2012 00:26

The 20th Anniversary of Eurofest in Sydney and perfect Spring weather made this a popular and enjoyable event for thousands of European Australians and their friends. SBS Czech and SBS Armenian attended the event.

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Theatre of Speaking Objects

17 Jul 2012 00:21

18th Biennale, the international showcase for contemporary art, is now on in Sydney. Talented Czech artist Eva Kotatkova is also part of the exhibition, presenting her project "Theatre of Speaking Objects" on Cockatoo Island

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English National Ballet

26 Jun 2012 23:33

English National Ballet prima ballerina, Daria Klimentova originally from Prague, with her dancing partner, Vadim Muntagirov.

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ANZAC Day march

26 Apr 2012 02:53

Czech war veterans and their descendants at the Anzac Day march, 2012

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Lenka Filipova's Sydney concert

29 Feb 2012 04:21

Lenka Filipova, a famous Czech singer and guitar player, is currently on her very first Australian Tour. These pictures are from her concert which took place in the Czechoslovakian Country Club in Kemps Creek.

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Czechoslovak Country Club

28 Nov 2011 00:04

At the commemoration of 22 years since the fall of communism in November 1989 the Czech ambassador Dr Hynek Kmonicek opened an exhibition "The Screeching Seagulls Are Flying Around Me" in the Czechoslovak Country Club in Sydney. The exhibition is dedicated to Dagmar Simkova persecuted by communist regime, she spent 14 years in communist prisons. Following the Russian and Warsaw pact invasion of Czechoslovakia in 1968 she emigrated to Australia, she lived in Perth where she died in 1995 at the age of 66.

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Festival of the Winds

15 Sep 2011 03:29

The sky above Bondi Beach in Sydney was filled with hundreds of kites of all shapes and sizes from local and international kite-makers on 11th September, 2011 as a part of the Festival of the Winds.

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Prague Jarmark

06 Sep 2011 00:09

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President Vaclav Klaus

22 Aug 2011 01:16

A recent visit of the Czech President Vaclav Klaus to Australia and his meeting with the Czech community in Sokol Sydney in July, where he also opened an exhibition ‘Yes, Masaryk’ – dedicated to first Czechoslovak President.

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Melbourne Saturday School

22 Aug 2011 01:05

A Czech Saturday School run by teacher Zuzana Vasitch in Melbourne.

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Czech Choir Permonik

13 Jul 2011 00:23

Czech Choir Permonik winner of the Australian International Music Festival in Sydney: After their success in New York last year, the Czech Choir Permonik from Karvina didn't disappoint at the 22nd Festival in Sydney that brings a wide range of groups from all around the world to play in famous Sydney Opera House and other great venues around the city.

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Flying Liza

23 Jun 2011 06:15

Flying Lisa, the project of the Czech school without borders in Paris, has arrived in Sydney. And little Czech and Slovak language students are now drawing pictures and writing a stories about Sydney, Australia and the Czech and Slovak School of Sydney before the little book leaves for Germany.

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Iron Curtain Museum

17 May 2011 03:46

The Museum of the Iron Curtain was opened in a former building of border guards in Valtice on Czech-Austrian border. The museum wants to remind the illegal border-crossing during the communist era and the world behind it when people trying to escape from an oppressive regime were shot at and killed.

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15 Mar 2011 05:25

Czechomor is considered to be the world music phenomenon from the Czech Republic and deeply rooted in Moravian village music. Their repertoire reflects the passion and anguish of a region defined by centuries of Ottoman raids and Napoleonic battles and a strong tradition of folk balladry.

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Brisbane Floods

27 Jan 2011 00:22

Images of the floods around the city of Brisbane, as taken by resident, Pavel Kyral.

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