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Latest in Czech radio

Latest in Czech Radio

It does not look like a conciliatory National Day in the Czech Republic. After an accusation that president Milos Zemand refused to award George Brady because of his...
An exclusive and extensive investigation by SBS Radio has revealed banned imported foods are readily available in supermarkets in Australia and yet may be unfit...
More jazz and freestyle, less classical music. That is the music world of Australia compared to Czechia as flutist and music teacher Anezka Bescecova sees it. The...
She took a 12 months unpaid leave for travelling to Europe. Despite the previous plans she ended up living in Prague already more than four years. Lou Monsour...
Czech and Slovak film festival is starting today in Perth. Similar to the Sydney film festival, audience in Perth can expect contemporary Czech movies, student...
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43. battle songů

43. battle songů
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