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Latest in Czech radio

Latest in Czech Radio

Czech pilot Jiri Prusa is flying around Australia. He pilots a small four seater alone. He says, when he likes a place he just lands. Now, he is in Interview SBS Czech.

How to see a doctor in Australia?

When we are sick the first point of contact is often the family doctor.Family doctors are commonly referred to as general practitioners or GPs in Australia.All...
Real estate prices in the Czech Republic raised. Specifically, in large cities the average price is higher by 20% compared to last year. Ivan Hoffman has more.

ZNC's Australia song

Czech band Znouzectnost remembers the communist era and for more than 30 years has been a part of the Czech music scene. Now, Golda (Oldrich Neumann) is in...
Czech popular band Chinaski tours in Australia. Band's frontman Michal Malatny says he fell in love with Australia two years ago when they were here for the very...
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