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Interview with Ove Hoegh-Guldberg, professor and director of the Global Change Institute at University of Queensland. 

Eurovision and politics

It comes but once a year. An explosion of neon dreams, on-stage acrobatics and ethno ballads - and the undeniably ever-present key change.  And as...
In September 2016 the Danish stand-up comedian Jan Gintberg comes to Australia with a tv crew to travel around New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. If you know...
Interview with Per Grandjean-Thomsen, president of the Danish Club in Sydney
Something has happened with our building dreams. As more and more people want to live in sustainable and economical ways, a new emerging trend is spreading around...
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Community, culture and arts

Our history, identity, creativity and desire for experiences

A new UN report once again nails that the Danes are the world's most contented people. How come? And what are we to take from this as Danes living abroad?www...

Interview with Adam Liaw

How did it come about that a food expert into the Japanese cuisine suddenly travelled with an SBS television crew to Scandinavia to learn about New Nordic Food?...
Interview with journalist and author Rushy Rashid about the new "Denmark kanon" 
Interview (in Danish language) with master chef Paul Cunningham from Korsør in Denmark
Interview (in Danish language) about forest kindergartens and bush kinders with Jane Williams-Siegfredsen from Inside Out Nature
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