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Latest in Dinka radio

Latest in Dinka Radio

Since 21/04/2015, South Sudanese forces from the two camps have been fighting each other until the 23 of April. The army under the leadership of Gen Olony and Simon...
Since the crisis began in Malakl between the Government foces. Dr Lam have been virually under house arrest and no one told him why. He said he called the...
General Oyay Deng Ajak released Statement on SBS Dinka Radio "Some one called me from Juba and told me that 'military Generals were talking about my presence in...
In every relationship there are always up and downs of it but violence can never be the way to solve that existing crisis. Spouses may disagee in many things but...

Coptic Bishop Suriel condemn ISIS

His Grace Coptic Bishop Suriel of Melbourne and other affiliated areas condemn the recent killing of the Ethiopian and Eritrean citizens by ISIS in Libya. He was...
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