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Latest in Dinka radio

Latest in Dinka Radio

Nile football Academy for kids

Nile football Academy is a Football program founded by Abraham Ajok Kuol. It teaches Sport, culture and general education to children.

children issues

Concern South Sudanese parents take their to boarding schools in East Africa.

taking kid to boarding school

Akec Mading took two of her children to boarding school in East Africa as way from protect them from getting into troubles.
Australias First Peoples are the worlds oldest living civilization dating back some 50,000 years according to a recent genetic study by an international team of...
After many uprisings in Africa in early 70s, it was reported that Cuba sent about 400,000 troops to various countries that include Angola and Ethiopia during the...
SBS Radio Services Review

SBS Radio is conducting a public consultation on the criteria it is proposing for the SBS Radio Services Review.


News, interviews and features from the Dinka community.

29/05/2016 Juba: One of the South Sudan Episcopal Church’s parish at the Diocese of Juba was a subject of chaos on the morning of 29/05/2016 when a group of youth led...
Nyarweng Flowers girls are a group of South Sudanese women who are originally from Duk Payuel of Duk County in Jonglei State, South Sudan. They were all refugees...
Aguer Ngor Athian is graduate of International Development but a practicing journalist work with the community Radio triple ZZZ. Aguer came to Australia over a...