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Latest in Dinka radio

Latest in Dinka Radio

Alleged jailing

Alleged jailing of protesters and opposition individuals in Aweil State which is denied by James Wieu Mayol who is the Minister of information, youth and culture and...
In this Interview Atem Yaak Atem analyze the return of first Vice President and what it will bring to people of South Sudan.   
In this Interview Agel Ring Machar explained what was the cause of the delay of Vice President designated to arrival in Juba on Monday 18/04/2016. He put the...
In this interview with Isaac Manyang Ring we've talked about how the relocation of Twic's capital from Turalie to mayen Abun was done. He precisely stated that...

Pattern Drafting and Design

This is an interview with the most out spoke young women Ayaak Chol kuany Deng who is a Pattern Drafter and Designer. She runs her own pattern drafting and...
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News, interviews and features from the Dinka community.

Nyarweng Flowers girls are a group of South Sudanese women who are originally from Duk Payuel of Duk County in Jonglei State, South Sudan. They were all refugees...
Aguer Ngor Athian is graduate of International Development but a practicing journalist work with the community Radio triple ZZZ. Aguer came to Australia over a...
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