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Dutch records on-line

Warning...addictive! Thousands of Dutch ancestry records have gone on-line. Nigel Seeto from explains how to access them and make the most of this great...

Dutch Small Talk: Butter

Have you ever wondered why the Dutch speak of pinda"kaas" (cheese) while in English it is peanut "butter". Our language expert Frans Hertoghs explains ..

From Sweden to Bondi

Dutch artist Hanna Streefkerk will be exhibiting at Bondi's Sculpture by the Sea 2016. What material does she bring from Sweden, where she lives, to complete her...

Brexit, who is for leaving?

Who are the people behind Brexit? Will Britain leave the EU or stay? The decision will have major implications for her future says Dr Otto Holman (Amsterdam...


When politicians start giving away money you know an election is looming. This is also the case in The Netherlands but it is unusual says Dutch correspondent ...
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