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Black Skin, Orange Heart

Descendants from African soldiers in the KNIL army, "Black Skin, Orange Heart". Writer Griselda Molemans talks with Yvon Davis (rpt)

Kale with meatballs or porkloin

The Dutch eat kale with mash and Dutch sausage but it is also very tasty with meatballs, just think of the lovely juices says Chef Geert Elzinga. Another...

An exciting detective story

This week four people are facing court in Russia over the aircraft accident in 2014 which killed the CEO of TOTAL. It is a very bizarre story!

How safe is the Census data?

Do you have privacy concerns about Census 2016 ? Privacy advocates are also concerned that putting your name and address on the form will undermine the accuracy...

The madness of Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh keeps on surprising us. Even today we learn more about his ear and the pistol he used in his suicide attempt. Curator Nienke Bakker (Van Gogh...
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