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Dutch small talk: cricket language

What do we have in common with a cricket? Maybe not too much as Frans Hertoghs discoveres but he discovers some fun things on the way too.
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To Brexit or not to Brexit

Is the question the Brits will be asked shortly. The EU has prepared some concessions to be voted on next week. Dr Otto Holman, Uni of Amsterdam and EU analyst...
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Asylum churches

A number of churches around Australia offered sanctuary to a group of asylum-seekers - including children - at risk of being returned to the Pacific island nation...
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High heel clogs

Ready for a new fashion in clogs. Dutch clog maker Dirk Ploffers would like to give the clogmakers trade a new lease of life with these clogs.  
The first of two meat dishes from the Dutch kitchen of Chef Geert Elzinga. Summer or winter, this just tastes so good!
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