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Reconciliation week: assimilation

In the first part of the talk about reconciliation and assimilation, Prof Ad Borsboom talks about his research in Arnhemland inthe 70's and the attempts of the...

Extreme-Right on the move

The ultra-right is gaining ground in Europe but will they be a danger for European unity? Does Dr Otto Holman, EU analyst see it as a good sign that Austria didn...

Speculoos cake with lime

As we were talking today about St Nicolas and Black Pete why not make this Dutch spice cake with lime compote by Chef Geert Elzinga.

Say goodbye to "Zwarte Piet"

Should we let "Zwarte Piet" go? We're only halfway the year and already we discussing Zwarte Piet! Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh explains the current debate...

DNA Nation: Carol Overmaat

Sunday 8:30 DNA nation but for SBS radio Dutch it is Carol Overmaat from Dutch TV in MelbourneTV who shares with us her story
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