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Rose becoming more popular again

Rose is making a comeback says wine marketeer JaapSonnemans who starts a new venture this week: Hops & Drops - Quirky wines & cool beers.

Dutch Cuisine BBQ schoulder

Lamb shoulder: prepare it for a summer BBQ. It takes a bit of cooking but it's well worth the wait says Chef Geert Elzinga. Serve it with a green sauce -...
Can you drive in Australia on your Dutch license? / Yes you can but there are certain rules to follow and when the time comes you need to convert your license to...

"Less, less Moroccans" verdict

Dutch politician Geert Wilders will appeal a court ruling that has found him guilty of inciting discrimination in the "Less, less Moroccans" court case says Dutch...

Dutch small talk: Sour

Do you prefer sweet or sour? Dutch language expert Frans Hertoghs says the Dutch word for sour leads to some very strange words.
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