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The first of two meat dishes from the Dutch kitchen of Chef Geert Elzinga. Summer or winter, this just tastes so good!
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National service for women?

Why does the Dutch government want to call young Dutch women up for National Service? Equality for all says Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh. (photo: 1st...
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Proposed cuts in pensions

Almost 40 per cent of total pensioners in Australia were born overseas. The government proposes to cut their pensions if they go overseas longer than 6 weeks.
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GDI: Who was Geoffrey Donaldson?

Schaarwoude has a Geoffrey Donaldson Institute, but who was he? Egbert Barten who owns the Institute is hoping to find out more about Geoffrey who grew up in...
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Music with Tim: Kensington

In the Dutch top 40: two songs by the Dutch band Kensington. Tim Fisher talks as well about their beautiful video "War" , which was made with the help of Dutch...
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