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Walter Hes (80) has just published his first book "Resolve". He hopes it will lead to discussion and new ways to solve some of the worlds problems.

Regional baking: Bossche bollen

Nothing can beat your own baking so lets take a trip to the south of the Netherlands for this local delicacy - Bossche Bollen. Chef Geert Elzinga tells you how...

Trump and NATO

Donald Trump has little time for the NATO and wants to upgrade all US military offense and defensive weapons which makes analysts like Dr Otto Holman (UvA) worry...

Dutch small talk: Paradox

Our Dutch language expert Frans Hertoghs looks at poetry by Jean Pierre Rawie for a paradox - a double one even!

Affordable childcare

Finding affordable and quality childcare that works for everyone is a concern for many parents. How does it work in Australia, what options are there and what...

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