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How serious are Turkisch threats?

The Turkish President threatens to allow asylum seekers to cross the border to the EU and hold a referendum about EU accession but Dr Otto Holman (UvA) thinks Erdogan...

Asylum seeker problems

The arrangements made for asylum seekers in Holland who have not been granted asylum are running into problems. Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh explains what...

Summer on the land

Art historian Rene Dessing researched for his new book "Haagse en Leidse buitenplaatsen" the surviving manor houses in the Dutch province of South-Holland where...

Australia's First people

Australia's First Peoples are the worlds oldest living civilization dating back some 50,000 years. However only 30% of the Australian population knows the history...

NBN often disappoints

Communications analyst Paul Budde has often expressed his doubts about the current NBN- either great or crap- he says, so how does he rate the chances of full...
SBS Radio Services Review

SBS Radio is conducting a public consultation on the criteria it is proposing for the SBS Radio Services Review.