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Dutch Cuisine: Kale salad

Every Dutch child knows kale but mostly as a winter vegetable with mash but Chef Geert Elzinga prepares it the modern way as a delicious salad, the possibilities are...

Dutch small talk: Plurial

Did you think the Dutch language was logical ? If so you are in for a surprise says Frans Hertoghs who has made it his mission to assist us with this awkward...
Louis Davids (1883-1939) was one of the most versatile and popular Dutch entertainers before the 2nd world war. He had to work his way up explains music expert...

Holland, tourist destination

Holland is becoming a very desirable holiday destination. Why? A question Marten de Jongh our Dutch correspondent is able to answer.

Home grown terrorism

After the attacks in Paris, France has been pointing the finger at Belgium but what about France itself ? Dr Otto Holman from the University of Amsterdam warns...
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