Dutch small talk: August

Did you know there is connection with the English verb reaping and name of the month of August? Dutch language expert Frans Hertoghs looks at this month's name

Was this the eve of a war?

This has happened many times before says Dr Roald Maliangkay from the ANU in Canberra. He hopes talks will now follow soon as they did on previous occasions.

Divide and rule

Can Great Britain make separate trade arrangements with the EU countries and will a British proposal for a soft Brexit work? Dr Otto Holman (UvA) looks with amazement at the British negotiator David Davis..

New route for migrants

Migrants wanting to go to Great Britain have found a new way of crossing the Channel. Dutch correspondent Joost Bosman explains.

Small Dutch Talk: babytalk

One often hears adults talk to a baby in baby talk but Dutch language expert Frans Hertoghs says research has shown children learn quicker when we talk normally to them.

Will they go the distance?

In March the Dutch went to the polls. For almost 6 months attempts have been made to form a new government but with little success. Will these latest talks lead to a new Dutch government? A report bij SBS correspondent Joost Bosman

Dutch cuisine: cinnamon bread

Dutch Chef Geert Elzinga has shared more than 100 recipes with SBSradioDutch. Is this number 101?
Nearly 20,000 students nationwide, aged four to 18 years, entered the inaugural SBS National Languages Competition 2016. This year promises to be more and better. Leaning a second language is not only beneficial for your health but can also help...

A republic? If so, what type?

Bill Shorten promises a referendum on a republic in his first term- should he be elected . He will then decide what type of republic we need. But is that the right way to go about this? Ret. A/Professor Klaas Woldring ( Southern University) thinks...

Supersize veggies for kids

Deakin University scientists may have found an efficient way to increase kids daily vegetable consumption. A/Professor Gie Liem from Deakin says the research was fun and the findings surprising.  
United States president Donald Trump has now in turn threatened North Korea with what he calls "fire and fury like the world has never seen." Has North Korea really developed a mini-nuclear warhead? A/Professor Roald Maliangkay from the ANU...
Paul de Waard looks back in gratitude while 60 Minutes recontructs the events of that Monday morning in 2007
Eggs in the Netherlands are contaminated with the chicken medicine fipronil. Everyone is panicking but correspondent Joost Bosman keeps eating them.
About toilet behaviour and misbehaviour, inspectionshelves, self cleaning toilets, and peeing and pooing in public. Experts Gerard van Es and Johan Molenbroek know everything about this topic.