Energy needs a political solution

Close to 1,5 million households have solar panels on the roof in Australia, have they seen the writing on the wall? Communication analyst Paul Budde believes the government needs to sort out the energy problems with a view to long term solutions.
The massive demonstrations against independence from Spain have made the Catalan government think again. Dr Otto Holman (UvA) thinks it might have been wishful thinking.
How do the Dutch prepare their chicken? With sweet curry and pineapple says Dutch chef Geert Elzinga who suggests we top off our meal with a rather splendid pear in blue cheese with chocolate

Happy birthday Mr Putin?

The opposition treated him to mass demonstrations for his birthday but President Putin was not put out and continued his push to the next election says Dutch correspondent in Moscow Joost Bosman.

Cardboard Festival Tents

How to build a cardboard tent?

VIVA depressie bij Ouderen

SBS Viva, depressie bij ouderen
The World Solar Race is taking place in the Australian Outback.

The Two Passports Issue

Eelco Keij is happy with the change of attitude in the new Dutch cabinet in terms of the double nationality issue

Museum pieces

Language man Frans Hertogh's looks at migrants as if they are relics.

Silvia Hoeks in Bladerunner

Correspondent Marten de Jongh says it is quite a feat that Silvia Hoeks plays such a big part in the new Bladerunner movie

Multicultural Dutch Police Force

Correspondent Marten de Jongh reports on the growing number of Dutch muliticultural police officers.
The Frisian National Party doesn't want independence, unlike Catalonia.

Yan Duyvendak and Hamlet

Yan Duyvendak talks about his task performance play Please, Continue, (Hamlet)
Ivan O'Mahoney talks about the documentary series The Queen and Zak Grieve

Arne Vanhaecke the Busker

Belgian TV Personality Arne Vanhaecke is busking his way around OZ.