Blue sky research

Professor Frans Verstraten is the current McCaughey Chair of Psychology at the University of Sydney and the Head of School. He came to the studio to talk about the value of collaborating with Utrecht university and "blue sky research" where the...

EU 60 years old today

60 years ago six countries signed the Treaty of Rome. The EEC grew to become the EU of 28 and with it the problems grew too. What remains of the hope and expectations and what will the future hold after brexit? Will it be a Europe growing at...

Changes to super rules

New superannuation rules come into effect on July 1. What are they and how can you take advantage of the changes. It is always wise to check with your financial adviser to make sure you are making the right decisions says SBS Finance Editor...

Dutch cuisine: milk tart

Did you know that you can make delicious cakes with milk? Dutch Chef Geert Elzinga raided his larder and whipped up this beautiful milk tart. Make it in the morning he says and you 'll be enjoying a piece with our tea that same afternoon!  ...

Ready for discussions?

Now that the election is over the time has come for some of the parties to start talking about forming a government. Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh explains who the likely contenders are.
Dr Jose van den Akker (Curtin Uni) wants to research the social-emotional state of the Dutch migrant who came to OZ in the nineties. If you would to to join this research please ring 02-94302733. Leave your name and number and she will ring you back.

Spying on the whistleblowers

They blew the whistle on a spy who worked for the Dutch intelligence agency AIVD. He managed to infiltrated an institute set up to protect whistle  blowers. Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh explains how his identity was discovered.
Integration requires more than good academic marks according to a Dutch report into the job opportunities for children of asylum seekers who came to the Netherlands in the nineties. A report by Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh.
A "lassez passer" can still be issued by the representatives of the Dutch government in OZ but for a passport you definitively need to come to Sydney. Consul Alida Ritsema explains the changing role of the Consulate-General and says there is now a...
Is Dutch a language which encourages us to compromise and cooperate? Dutch language expert Frans Hertoghs think it is.

Dutch cuisine: Peach cake

Have you seen the beautiful peaches in the shops?Dutch Chef Geert Elzinga couldn't wait to use them for this beautiful cake.

Canberra Orange dinner

Last year it was a meal fit for royalty and this year they will feast on a "Rijsttafel" promises Hans Van de Zandt about this year's Orange party in Canberra on 29 April.

Dutch Festival St Mary's

Do you come to the Dutch Festival in St Mary's for the shopping or for the Dutch atmosphere? Dutch Consul -General Willem Cosijn and his wife (photo) combined the two. This year the Dutch festival takes place on 24, 25 and 26 March and with so...

Teaching in the outback of the NT

Dr Jose van den Akker (Curtin Uni Perth) talks about the challenges that faced her teaching Aboriginal children in the NT.

Will there be four or five?

The Dutch elections are done and dusted but now it's time to start talking about a coalition. That can take months says Dutch correspondent Marten de Jongh.