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For 20 long days in 1977, this infamous hijacking brought the otherwise-peaceful Netherlands to a standstill - and 40 years on, the ethnic minorities involved are...
After a resounding success in Queenland, Queenie van de Zandt will take her new show BLUE, to Melbourne next week but Sydney will not miss out and will be able to...

Dutch small talk: great language

Our language expert Frans Hertoghs dives into some books for answers today about what is allowed and what is not or maybe both versions are permissible?

Velo city congress

Why is cycling so much more popular in the Netherlands than anywhere else? Is it because you can always find an abandoned one in the street? Marten de Jongh...

"The place she used to know"

A first geneation book written by the 2nd generation. Michelle Grice wrote this book about the immigration story of her mother. It is now available in an Ebook. ...
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