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Latest in Estonian radio

Latest in Estonian Radio

Tääksi village in Viljandi county Estonia is hosting a summer camp for foreign Estonian children where kids can learn about Estonian folk culture and language. Camp...

Wild Food is becoming more popular

Australian food has evolved well beyond the stereotypes of vegemite and barbeques. Native and wild food is growing in popularity. But would you eat the species...

What is Social Business?

Would you operate a business - and use the profit - purely for a social purpose, like helping the environment, creating a charity or employing those who cannot...
The great Australian dream of owning a home is moving further out of reach for young people.
Kerli Otti from Estonian Kite Surfing organisation is introducing different surfing styles and options that is possible to practice in Estonia.
SBS National Languages Competition

20 June - 29 July 2016

Community, Arts and Culture

Keep up to date with the Estonian community

Katrin Kanarik's, Charge d'Affaires of the Republic of Estonia is finishing her work in Australia and going back to Estonia. What projects has she worked on over the...
The Estonians, Latvians and Lithuanians gathered over the weekend to commemorate the Stalinistic purges of the Baltic people at the Sydney Latvian House. We...

How are Brisbane Estonians doing?

How are Brisbane Estonians doing? What has happened in the past three years and what kind of events have become a tradition by now? Also, what does the future...
How popular is your Estonian first name? Statistics Estonia released a new app that allows you to search your name. It will show how popular it is, how many...

Alo Mattiisen's musical heritage

Alo Mattiisen was a famous Estonian composer and he would have turned 55 this year. We talked to Mariita Mattiisen who is his daughter and the director of his...
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