Interview with Alan Gock.
The Chief Guest is Fiji's Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama.
You are allowed to deduct from your taxable income the expenses you use for your work.
It is advisable to look for a good tax agent if you are unsure of how to fill in your tax return.
Sydney Fijian Community events as broad casted on 13th September, 2017.
The community announcements was prepared by Fipe Howard.

I had a stroke.

Meliame Fifita had a stroke more than a year ago. This is her story.
Meliame is the Tongan broadcaster at SBS Radio. She is now back at work.
Find out what causes the widening of our waistlines.
Find out how we can determine if an individual is obese.

Sounds of the Pacific

Interview with Thelma Trey curator and performer of a performance called "Oceanic Rhythms - Sounds of the Pacific". Music from Samoa, Fiji and Tonga.
Featuring vocal performers from Maybelle Galuvao, Ilisavani Cava and V Tribe.

Sydney Community Announcements

Prepared by Fipe Howard.
Including details of Fiji Day held in Sydney on 14th October at Liverpool.
Director of Immigration Department, Mr. Nemani Vuniwaqa speaking to Ema Vueti about immigration matters
There is a way to include the name of Fijian women's children married to other races in the Vola ni Kawa Bula or VKB.
There are a lot more overdoses with prescription medication compared with illicit drugs.
It is advisable to go and seek assistance from your GP if you know you are addicted or you know someone who is addicted to prescription medication.
You have to know what to do when you a involve in an accident.
Make sure you get the other driver's details and those who witnessed the accident.
Pastor Ema Beraki announces the church service to be held at the Chadstone Uniting Church on 27th August, 2017.
Mr. amd Mrs Laisenia Qarase will be present at the church service.

Sydney Fiji Day Celebrations 2017.

First Fiji day celebrations held in Sydney this year will be held on 7th October, 2017. That is according to the spokesperson, Mr Sevuloni Waqaraires
Stalls are opened to be purchased.

Fiji day in Victoria

Fiji day celebrations will be held on 14th October at the Gaelic park in Keysborough. Interviewed the President of the Fijian Community Association Victoria who will be organizing the Day.
If you want a stall, it is allocated on a first come, first serve basis. Please listen to the audio to get the contact number.
Teresia talks about her chemotherapy.
She talks about her faith and how it sustained her through this difficult period.
It is imperative to have a Will and end-of-life plan.
It is important to tell you loved ones what you want done about you when you die or when you cannot make sound decisions.