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Latest in Filipino radio

Latest in Filipino Radio

Most US animation companies have relied on Filipino talents to bring to life varied characters from Mulan to The Lion King to the Little Mermaid and the Philippines is...

Cebu COMELEC Busy for Candidates

Balitang Bisayas. The summary of latest news from the region by Nick Melgar.     Image: Cebu City town hall (Nick Melgar)
World health officials are calling on European nations to devise healthcare plans for the hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and migrants arriving in their...
Superannuation industry groups are calling for changes to the system to close the retirement savings gap between men and women.    Image: Working women (SBS) 
A new era has been marked in federal politics, with parliament resuming for the first time since Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's new ministry was sworn in. ...
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40 years of SBS Radio

SBS Radio celebrates 40 years of broadcasting to all Australians. Listen to our special features in Filipino and English.

Humans typically come in two sexes - male and female. But when it comes to gender, differences aren't clearly defined and have never been. In the next 40...

Future Hopes: Healthy Ageing

Australia's population is ageing. The Productivity Commission says by 2060, 14 per cent of Australians will be aged 75 years or older. With more of us...
Sex before soccer, or soccer before sex? For some people, that's what the letters SBS stand for. But before football and sex were even part of SBS-TV,...

SBS Celebrates 40 Years of Radio

Sexy foreign movies, soccer and subtitles. It's what people might think when they think of SBS. But before SBS ever graced our television sets, it came...
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