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Latest in Filipino radio

Latest in Filipino Radio

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The Australian government has confirmed reports they are in talks that could result in the resettling of refugees from Manus Island to the Philippines.  Image:...
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Australia is moving into a new economic era, where reliance on mining and manufacturing is shifting to technology. So say Australia's universities.   Image: A...
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Bringing the Classroom to the Field

Classroom in the Field initiative is bringing student participants to the areas in the Philippines where the real action and events happen to give more awareness...
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Researchers have found about a third of all cancer cases could be prevented if Australians changed unhealthy habits. The Cancer Council says the findings are a...
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Court Victory over Cancer Gene

A cancer survivor has won a legal battle against a United States bio-tech firm that wanted to patent a mutated gene that causes cancer. Image: Yvonne DArcy at...
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Humans typically come in two sexes - male and female. But when it comes to gender, differences aren't clearly defined and have never been. In the next 40...

Future Hopes: Healthy Ageing

Australia's population is ageing. The Productivity Commission says by 2060, 14 per cent of Australians will be aged 75 years or older. With more of us...
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