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Latest in Filipino radio

Latest in Filipino Radio

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Infrastructure has a key role to play in sustainability, and investors pumping money into the buildings many Australians work in are demanding greater efficiency.  ...
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Queensland News: Summary of latest news from the state by Erwin Cabucos      Image: Bird's evye view of climate change rally in Brsibane (ACF/Twitter)  
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Many businesses are preparing to take advantage of the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement signed in Canberra back in June.      Image: Federal Minister for...
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A football fan whose name was publicised after he was banned from A-League matches says he will launch legal action against Football Federation Australia.   Image...
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An AFL women's league is one step closer to reality with the launch of a female player academy in Victoria.  Image: Womens AFL academy at IKON Park, Carlton (SBS) 
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Homeland & Community

News direct from the Philipines and local communities from around Australia

Maria Teresa Yambao, President of Philippine Women's Missionary Union, talked about the latest developments and initiatives in the elimination of violence against...

Building back better after Haiyan

In the Philippines more than six thousand people died from the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan. After the storm, University of Canberra's Dr Nicole Curato looks into how...
Winning the battle against drug addiction and alcohol abuse is a long painstaking process that both the user and abuser and the people around them have to endure....
Giving yet another pride to the Philippines, in the field of streetdancing, Hiphop group XB Gensan was hailed winner of the recent World Streetdance Competition...
The petite Filipino-British mixed martial artist (MMA) Natalie Gonzales Hills, also known as Kilapino, never backs down from a fight.  Image: Kilapino, right...
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