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Latest in Finnish radio

Latest in Finnish Radio

Timo reports on Finnish current affairs - this week the main item is the memory of President Mauno Koivisto who passed away on Friday after a very long and...
TImo Uotila's regular report on Arts and Culture in Finland - This week, one last mention of the Eurovision song contest, Finland has attracrted attention at the...

Cyber attacks

Recent Cyber attacks where computer networks have been locked down and a ransom demanded to unlock the data have happened on a large scale in the last few days...


Public anxiety about housing affordability is at an all-time high. Can the federal budget help those on low incomes, refugees and recent arrivals who are on...

Hela Donela exhibition

Hela Donela is a Finnish artist who lives and works on the NSW South Coast. She tells about her approach to her art and what inspires her
Welcome to The Chefs’ Line

Culture, heritage and history through food goes next level with the brand-new series The Chefs' Line.
 6pm on SBS (from Monday 3rd April).