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W.a.w.: The empress's new clothes

Did the Queen try to send a hidden message, when she opened parliament in blue and yellow? Well, the Brexit discussions did have a pretty good start! 

Janet Blume, successful blogger

Her love for children's books led Janet Blume years ago to writing a blog. "" is today a must-read blog for parents who want their child to read...
A German man who left a Gold Coast father battling life-threatening injuries following a one-punch attack has been sentenced for the crime.
Bundesverteidigungsministerin Ursula von der Leyen hat der Bundeswehr ein Haltungsproblem vorgeworfen, wenn es um sogenanntes ‘völkisches Gedankengut‘ geht.
Christina Zarnhofer, head of Marketing and Information at Austria´s National Tourist Office in Sydney, explains the increased number of Australian tourists in...
Europedia podcast

Hosted by Oliver Heuthe, Europedia brings together experts and commentators to decode and analyze the issues affecting Europe. A distinctly multicultural Australian perspective giving a unique insight into how this complex continent ticks.