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Canberra is about to experience a breathtaking opera gala, with six international stars hailing from Saarbrücken.  It's all happening for one night only and SBS...
Diversity in the Australian community is flourishing, according to fresh Census data.

Filthy Rich and Homeless

Five wealthy Australians swap privilege for homelessness in Filthy Rich and Homeless over three nights on SBS 8.30pm 27, 28, 29 June

Self-defence can be learned

Self-defence can save lives. One effective way is through martial arts. Hanae Buchmeier spoke to experts in Melbourne and Munich.

Miaow. Nuremberg´s Cat Cafe

So-called "cat cafes" have been established in Australia and around the globe and offer close contact to cats for those you can´t have their own pets. However,...
Europedia podcast

Hosted by Oliver Heuthe, Europedia brings together experts and commentators to decode and analyze the issues affecting Europe. A distinctly multicultural Australian perspective giving a unique insight into how this complex continent ticks.