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Each and every summer, the "Australien-Stammtisch" in Frankfurt am Main meets for a BBQ. It's the perfect opportunity to exchange holiday yarns and discuss future...
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A new German history platform

To tell, remember & discover are the three guiding words for the news website zeitzeugenportal, which is funded by the German government to preserve historic...
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Australians love cricket, rugby and AFL, and - to a lesser degree - soccer. German-born David Pichotka is trying to introduce a new team sport into the mix:...
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German Day Out 2017

Every year, hundreds of Victorian students gather at Melbourne Town Hall to celebrate the German language. One of the highlights is a number of scholarships that...
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Three outstanding pioneers represent the achievements of women in the field of science and technology: Marie Curie, Lise Meitner and Hedy Lamarr. Actress Anita...
Europedia podcast

Hosted by Oliver Heuthe, Europedia brings together experts and commentators to decode and analyze the issues affecting Europe. A distinctly multicultural Australian perspective giving a unique insight into how this complex continent ticks.